An Ode to the Rifle

(An Ode to the Rifle)

You hold in your hands the bow of Diana,
The spear of Achilles, the hammer of Thor.
Now you command both precision and distance.
To dominant power you’ve opened the door.

Your rifle embodies the gift of Hephaistos,
The grant of Olympus to hapless mankind.
Your rifle’s a thing of both power and beauty,
Its proper employment ennobles the mind.

Bare-handed you live at the mercy of numbers,
But numbers can never match rifleman’s skill.
Your rifle essentially makes you the master.
It creates and maintains humanity’s will.

Vulcan has given you means to establish
Divine domination o’er man, beast and foe.
Your rifle’s the sorcerous scepter of power.
Direct it with wisdom and judgement bestow.

From Jeff Cooper’s Commentaries, Volume 10, Number 12 

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