“Aid only feeds Africa’s corruption”

Interesting article at Time Online about Ugandan journalist Andrew Mwenda’s views on international aid and it’s effect in Africa. This excerpt from the article is an example of Mr. Mwenda’s position;

“White society is being blackmailed. The white world looks at Africa from a position of guilt,” he told a seminar at IPN, the London think tank. The beneficiaries of aid are governments, politicians, the staff of aid agencies and charities, he says. Head in hands in mock despair, he reels off a list of “charities” that sprang into being when the Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria began to disburse its millions. “There was Children of Hope, there was Hope for Children, there was Help the Children.”

And this:

“Aid has destroyed the concept of civil society in Africa. What exists are the NGOs. They are bureaucracies committed to the interests of donors. Cut off the foreign aid and 90 per cent will disappear,” says Mr Mwenda.

Update: Another article aruing the same point at ABC News can be found here.

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