Adobe misses the point…

Adobe is trying to get Java developers to write web GUIs in Flash/Flex.

Rich Internet Applications with Adobe Flex 2 and Java — A typical Java developer knows that when you need to develop a GUI for a Java application, Swing is the tool. Eclipse SWT also has a number of followers, but the majority of people use Java Swing. For the past 10 years, it was a given that Swing development wouldn’t be easy; you have to master working with the event-dispatch thread, GridBaglayout, and the like. Recently, the NetBeans team created a nice GUI designer called Matisse, which was also ported to MyEclipse. Prior to Matisse, JBuilder had the best Swing designer, but it was too expensive. Now a good designer comes with NetBeans for free.

The strange thing is they have an SDK for Linux, but the Flash Player required is only available on Windows and Mac. According to this survey, 51% of Java developers develop on Linux.

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2 Responses to Adobe misses the point…

  1. Rand says:

    Yeah, but isn’t Java supposed to be OS independant?

    Oh wait. Sorry, I was dreaming.

  2. Scott says:

    Flex isn’t Java. Flex is a language that runs on the Flash 8 platform. The reason they are after Java developers is because you can write Java on the server-side that communicates with Flex UIs on the client.

    Java and Flex are OS independent, in the sense that code you write and compile in them can be run on any supported OS. But if Apple hadn’t ported Java to OSX, or when Macromedia doesn’t port Flash 8 to Linux, that’s where the OS independence ends.

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