2nd Lt.(Retired) Ilario Pantano


I recently finished reading Ilario Pantano’s book; Warlord: No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy and I highly recommend it to all. I also saw him interviewed on C-Span yesterday morning and the interview reinforced my belief that this is an American we need to see and hear more of. Pantano was accused and of premeditated murder after killing two Iraqi’s in April of 2004 while leading a platoon of U.S. Marines. He was cleared of all charges in 2005 and has become an advocate for soldiers rights and a commentor on the war. He is an intelligent and articulate individual whose views on the war and our military should be heard and discussed by us all. I will be happy to lend out his book to anyone interested (though, if you cn afford to purchase it, do so) and will endeaveor to post any upcoming interviews or speaking angadgements I become aware of. Watch an interview with Pantano at Hot Air. More on Pantano can be found at Michelle Malkin; Euphoric Reality; and www.defendthedefenders.org, which is a site that was founded to raise funds for, and awareness of, his case and continues to do so for others.

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