12 Year Old Saves Family with Gun

Fox Carolina reports on a 12 year old who saved his parents and baby sibling from a violent attack in their home by four thugs.

An accused group of thugs were thwarted by a 12-year old with a gun. It happened in Greenville when police say five masked men stormed into a house and started beating up the child’s father.

FOX Carolina’s Jamie Guirola reports, Try and picture it. A 12 year old walks into the living room, sees his mother frantically protecting the baby, and several strangers attacking his father. The 12 year old rushes out of the living room, but comes back pointing a gun at the five suspects. As of Monday night, all but one are in jail.

George [the father] says he has five guns in the house. His taught his son how to use each of them.

It’s a good thing those parents didn’t use a trigger locks or other such “gun safety” measures, but instead taught their child about responsible gun use!

Hat tip: Liberty Belles

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