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About Those Squirrels

If true, this item at The Sun might explain this. It seems that some squirrels in South London are addicted to crack cocaine. I know, I know…where the hell did squirrels raise enough cash to purchase crack? They didn’t. It … Continue reading

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Black And White World III

Congratulations to Cox & Forkum on the release of their new book BLACK & WHITE WORLD III. They are taking orders on line at that link and if you order before 6 Nov you can even have a signed copy. … Continue reading

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It’s The Peanuts Jihad

Posting this will likely inspire a death threat or two…

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Also, a little birdie told me that Cox & Forkum will have an announcement up this evening regarding their forthcoming book…

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Law & Order: Profiteer

We watched a very odd episode of Law & Order this weekend: Profiteer. The plot of the episode is that the CEO of a body armor company is gunned down in front of his daughter. It turns out that one … Continue reading

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A Quote From Jeff Cooper

It would appear that ex-President Bush will go down in history as “the man who lost the war.” We had Saddam Hussein on his heels, and everything in position to chase him down and end his reign, so Mr. Bush … Continue reading

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70 Year Old Veteran Prevails Against Four Muggers

From The Mail On Sunday, we have the inspiring story of SAS veteran Douglas O’Dell. Beset by four would be predators, O’Dell prevailed in style. THWACK! The first mistake came when one of the teenagers grabbed him around the throat … Continue reading

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Vis wz. 1935

A good friend showed me one of these recently: It is the Vis wz. 1935 of Poland, commonly called the Radom in English speaking locales. I had never seen one so I decided to learn what I could about it … Continue reading

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An Answer For Judge Leslie Lewis

Courtesy of The Bitch Girls, we have this court video of Judge Leslie Lewis of Utah’s 3rd District from 24 February 2006. Defendant Michael Jacobson was charged with a third-degree felony count of wanton destruction of protected wildlife for helping … Continue reading

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Darwinism at its best

Scientologist mother tries to treat her paranoid schizophrenic son using Dianetics.  Read what happened here.

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What Did We Miss?

Once again from Cox & Forkum:

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If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you But make allowance for their doubting too, If you can wait and … Continue reading

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More Propulsion

Of course Jet Powered Kayak’s are rightly followed by Rocket Propelled Bicycles:

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A Quote From Jeff Cooper

All the talk about “self-esteem” in kids is beside the point – when what they need is self-control.

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Jet Powered Kayak

How long do you think it will take brother Kyle to build one of these?

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