Still a Prius…

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Trumpy Bear!
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Thank You.

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Donald Trump is Finished.

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Stacy Abrams Wants Your AR Banned

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The New Democrat Party

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Annoy Liberals By Refusing To Care About Their Stupid Fake Outrages

See, I reserve the right to decide what I care about. My caring, my choice. And I think I’ll care about things that matter to me, not things that liberal snobs care about. 

I care about the interests of the United States of America more than the interests of foreign countries.

I care about Americans not being murdered here more than foreigners being murdered somewhere else. 

I don’t care about the media’s peeves and whining. It brought all its misfortune upon itself with its bias, incompetence, and general scuzziness.

I don’t care about global warming. I’ll drive a gas guzzler if I feel like it.

I don’t care about someone’s preferred pronouns. He or she – pick one.

I don’t care about illegal aliens’ sob stories. Go home.

I don’t care about people who feel unsafe, unhappy, or unloved because of what I think, do, and say. Too bad. I will think, do and say what I please.

I don’t care, because I don’t feel like caring about your pet outrages, and you can’t make me.

Kurt Schlichter
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NPC Meme

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WTF Happened in California?

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Did Your Candidate Save a Dolphin?

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‘Global Warming for the Two Cultures’

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Dems vs. Michelle O

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Opening this Weekend…

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Not In My Life.

Regardless, everyone will suffer from the catastrophic loss of privacy. Any network of self-driving cars would, by definition, necessitate total and unceasing tracking of their occupants. I may know how to get to the local liquor store without a map, but my car most certainly does not. To make it there in a driverless model, I’d first have to tell it where I was going, and then it would have to ask the Internet, and the satellites, and, probably, my credit card. To the existing framework we would thus be adding a planet-wrapping exoskeleton with a perfect digital memory. The car, far from serving as a liberator, would become a telescreen on wheels — an FBI-approved bug, to be slipped beneath the chassis in plain sight of the surveilled. At a stroke, my autonomy would be gone. Without permission from the Web, I would be lost in space. A mere server glitch could render me immobile. The government, should it so choose, could stop me dead in my tracks. Yet again, I would be handing over my self-reliance to the government and to the corporations, and asking, plaintively, “Please sir, may I move?”

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